Passion and intensity

Nearly all of the world's most successful organizations have that "special something" - a unique and intangible quality that is difficult to articulate or define but makes all the difference in setting them apart from the rest.  Disney calls theirs "the magic."  For us, it is our enormous passion and intensity that our clients say describe as infectious and energizing.

Singular business focus

Our formula for success is to do one thing … and do it better than all the rest.  We are hyper-focused on being the world's best at harnessing the insights and ideas of employees and senior leaders to make organizations more competitive, successful and a great place to work.

Global knowledge and experience

For many firms, "global" means having lots of consultants in lots of places.  For us, it means having the knowledge and experience that comes from working and traveling in scores of countries and interacting with a broader range of cultures than most people hope to experience in a lifetime.  We do not pretend to be experts on every culture.  But we pride ourselves on having a cultural savvy that few firms are able to offer their clients.

Artisan's touch

We want our clients never … ever … to feel that they are getting an assembly-line, pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all approach.  We strive to provide service that has the touch and feel of an artisan's handcrafted efforts.  We are selective about our engagements, preferring superb-quality, lasting client relationships.  Maintaining a thriving consulting practice is more important to us than achieving ever-mushrooming growth that could compromise our ability to deliver world-class service.

Common sense

We keep several steps ahead of current and emerging best practices and our professional and technical expertise is world-class.  But most importantly, our counsel is always offered with generous doses of down-to-earth practicality and common sense.  We are not an erudite, overly-academic firm.  We will not attempt to impose the most recent management trend or fad on your organization simply because it is in fashion. Good approaches and solutions make good sense and stand the test of time.

Our strengths make us unique and keep us on the unbeaten path!

Client rapport

Our ability to interact effectively at all levels of an organization is critical for success.  We know how to earn the respect and trust of employees in every conceivable role, from coal miners to chemical engineers.  We are equally effective breaking bread with a Chief Executive Officer.  This skill is essential for gathering the highest quality information from all levels and delivering results to executives in a compelling way.