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Our Unique Approach to Surveys

​​Employees know!  They have a wealth of knowledge about your operations, your leaders, your systems, your culture, your customers and your competition.  Does your survey merely ask them “Where does it hurt and how can we help?”  Or does it ask “Where are we, where do we need to be and how can we get there?”  A world-class survey leverages intellectual capital.  It gives employees the chance to tell their leaders what's working, what's not working and what are the greatest opportunities to improve the organization.  It should be far more than just an occasion for your leaders to learn if employees are happy and loyal.

We can help you harness the insights and ideas of your employees and senior leaders to increase engagement, develop inspiring leaders, improve efficiency, increase productivity, enhance customer relations, become more competitive, ensure a successful merger or acquisition, revitalize your corporate culture and boost overall morale.  ​Learn more about best-practice surveys ...

Our Unique Approach to Engagement

Employee engagement is energy !  Pure and simple.  Engaged employees go above and beyond the call of duty.  A world-class engagement survey should measure what engaged employees do, not just how they feel, and should target what leaders do to inspire employees to go the extra mile.  Learn more about employee engagement ...



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Our Mission

To help our clients establish a culture of inspired leadership that will unleash the full energy and potential of employees to make the organization more effective, competitive and successful.

Our Vision

To transform organizations worldwide through the insights and passion of their people.




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Our Global Experience

Dr. Lykins has designed and implemented employee engagement and senior leadership surveys for countless organizations around the globe.

Our Founder and President

Dr. Keith Lykins is founder and president of Lykins International. He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and for nearly three decades has assisted some of the world's most prestigious and successful companies.  Learn more about Dr. Keith Lykins ...

The Dirty Dozen

The over-arching mission of a survey effort is to capture employee and organizational reality as accurately as possible.  But there are countless ways to unwittingly compromise that objective.  The Dirty Dozen: Twelve Ways to Undermine an Employee Survey! ​outlines the most common mistakes companies make when they design and conduct a survey.  Learn more about common employee survey mistakes ...

​​​Engaging Employees in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most culturally diverse countries on the planet.  Lykins International is helping some of their largest and most successful companies increase employee engagement through more inspired leadership. Learn more about employee engagement in ​South Africa ...

Our Values

The touchstones with every client​

  • ​Excel

  • Be proactive

  • ​Do the right thing

  • Be creative and innovative

  • Embrace ethnic and cultural dynamics

  • Build relationships of mutual trust and respect

  • Provide global experience, insights and wisdom

Our Strengths

  • Global knowledge and experience
  • Singular business focus
  • Client rapport
  • Common sense
  • Artisan's touch
  • ​Passion and intensity

           Learn more about our strengths ...