Creativity Enhancement:  This approach is designed to target the creative elements within an organization, such as marketing, product/service development, and engineering in order to identify creativity obstacles and enhance creative output.

Special Focus Studies

There are countless specialized situations where a disciplined approach to gathering insights can be used to overcome the business-as-usual inertia. The following are just a few salient examples:

Senior Leader Strategic Insight Survey

Gathering candid information at the highest echelons of an organization can be particularly challenging since senior managers have so much at stake - money, position, status and power. Dysfunctional dynamics such as a politically-charged environment, a conflict-averse culture, power struggles or ideological differences can undermine open discussion and debate of vital issues. The Strategic Insight Survey focuses exclusively on an organization's senior leaders to gather their best thoughts on crucial strategic issues, such as key competitive scenarios for the future, greatest unrealized opportunities and biggest obstacles to success. It also profiles the prevailing organizational culture and leadership style to identify issues that may be inhibiting the effectiveness of the senior leadership team or the organization as a whole.
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Quality Improvement:  Having the highest quality and most competitive products and services is critical for the success of any organization. This study taps into the wealth of insights and ideas that employees have about relevant organizational processes and quality achievement.

Customer/Client Focus:  This study targets customer-facing employees to gather their thoughts about the customer relationship and to determine if they are receiving the necessary support to provide quality customer service. This information is often the leading-indicator of potential customer-relations problems that could result in a deteriorating relationship, lost customers and declining revenues.

Crisis Intervention Study

Gathering quality information during an organizational crisis can be especially difficult due to heightened emotions, time-critical issues, managerial pressure and customer demands. It is essential to mobilize quickly to assess the damage, resolve the crisis, restore order and identify how to avert a similar crisis in the future.  Lykins International can provide the experience and expertise necessary to gather critical information during crisis situations.

Marketing/Sales Effectiveness:  This effort is designed to target the marketing and sales teams to evaluate their strengths, challenges, and opportunities in order to make them more effective and competitive.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of intelligence-gathering approaches for harnessing employee and senior leader insights to produce a precise picture of an organization's current state of affairs, formulate a clear vision of the future and generate ideas about how best to achieve success.

Merger or Acquisition Study

Nearly every available resource on corporate mergers and acquisitions emphasizes the importance of managing organizational culture differences between the two merging entities, yet few offer any words of wisdom on precisely how it is done. The Merger or Acquisition Study harnesses the thoughts of senior leaders in both organizations to identify the biggest obstacles to a smooth cultural integration, to define the desired culture of the newly formed enterprise and to determine what needs to happen to achieve success.  
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Employee Engagement

The most valuable information about an organization comes from the inside - the insights and ideas of employees regarding key strengths and opportunities for improvement. Employee perceptions are the single-best leading-indicator of critical issues regarding operational integrity, product and service quality, internal efficiency and customer service. The world's most successful organizations not only gather insider thoughts about existing and emerging challenges, but also engage their employees in brainstorming innovative solutions. 
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